Midas Keep, located on a tiny island in the middle of a wide sea, is owned by Midas, an eccentric pawn shop clerk and collector of unique objects. He has a large collection of objects, relics, diamonds, and whatever else he desires. It is said that the basement of the tower, which houses his collection, extends into the depths of the ocean itself. People frequently come here to have Midas appraise it in the hopes of selling it to him for a large sum of money. Midas is a master prospector who can determine the worth of an item with a single glance. If he believes the item is valuable, he will cheerfully pay the cash promptly in any manner the seller desires. However, if he determines that it is not worth his time, he promptly pushes the vendor out of his tower so that he does not waste his time. He has been doing this for many years and still looks forward to whatever thing comes into his shop.The Crazy Pawn Shop is an exclusive collection releasing it’s 3333 genesis NFT’s which will never be released again. With our crew, investors, ideology and future plans for this project we aim to become Immutable's first blue chip project. With our community being a part of this journey we will achieve the unachievable.




    Doors are Open

    The sell-back opens up!

    Opening of the community stores

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    New roadmap & collection

    Crazy Pawn Shop.

    Mutant Ape Yacht Club and other NFT giveaways.